Alex Markovich: Short Stories

Alex Markovich, 39 y.o. male living in Russia.

MarkovichUniverse AT gmail DOT com

A photographer, scriptwriter, author, and lecturer.

A regular guest on “Radio of Russia” and “Radio Mayak”. Main subjects of the programs: “Traveling through Russia”, “Plein Air Painting” and “Photo Art”. Alex arranges photo exhibitions in various Russian towns and cities, as well as abroad.

Alex’s favorite genre is sci-fi (lots of his stories are translated into various languages and published in dozens of online and offline publications).

Theatrical performance “Three Significant Glitches in the Universe Due to Which We Can Meet With Gods” based on the stories of Alex Markovich “Variants”, “Clone” and “Tea Party with God” is being played every month since September 2017 by the Independent Youth Theatre “New Stage II” (Belgorod, Russia).

Feel free to download selected short stories by Alex Markovich (as a PDF file).